Adonit has release the latest, significant evolution in stylus innovation. PixelPoint technology allows the stylus to have a small tip while still maintaining a stronger capacitive connection with your tablet.
Being an artist that works with much detail, precision work, I need a stylus that has a small tip that will allow me to see the art I'm producing on screen. The Jot Touch with Pixel Point has not only a precision tip but also quality material and craftmanship. This stylus is now the best on the market.

Check out their site at... Adonit


Here are few pieces I printed lately and showing at Hilo Fine Art Gallery. David Hubbard, also another fine artist and works in Digital, curates the art there and like the traditional media aesthetic of my works and wanted to promote what can be done digitally and on an iPad.





Digital Plein Air

I haven't painted for several weeks so not only being rusty I decided to go "Plein Air" painting to break up my art habit and try something new.

See the video here.



Chalkboard Art

It's fun to look at a black chalkboard and begin drawing without reservation. The picture plane just begs to enjoy the process.

I developed an iPad process to relicate this style and experience; without the messy dust.

Using a chalboard background photo and chalk brush settings, I create this first digital chalk art. More is to come and I'll try colors next time.


tedtalk limits

Inspiring talk about how limits to our creativity can actually be the opposite.


ted talk: digital painting

Although this video is two years old, the premise is still true. Digital Painting techniques and technology is here to stay and innovating quickly.

With recent advances in styluses such as Pressure Sensitivity and Palm Rejection, digital paintings are becoming equally treasured and valuable works of art and blurring the distinction between traditional works of art.

Click the image to view the TedTalk video.

"Palm Raindrops" painting

Produced on the iPad with program Procreate and the Jaja Pressure Sensitive stylus.

I used a blank canvas and no tracing or photo manipulation.

Digital Pencil was the media of choice.

20121101 iPadFlowerJar RefreshI'm loving the bristling stroke from this digital painting program called "Procreate" for the iPad.

Read more: Flower Jar

jot classic stylusThe Jot Classic is the unique stylus in which it features a see through disc so you can see the precise point where the stylus is writing on the screen as opposed to those other stylus where the black rubber ball obscures your view..

I use it primarily for digital drawings, sketching, or taking notes to give me precision I need.

The stylus is durable; made of machined aluminum with a nice color coating. The clear discs can be reordered on the manufacturer's website. The weight of this stylus is on the middle to heavier side but feels good.

FYI: CLean your screen before drawing; the clear disc can be scratched by dust, dirt, oils, and grit which will reduce the capacitive connectivity of the tip.
Never use any stylus on your screen without a screen protector. Clean your screen periodically to prevent the stylus from collecting dirt and oils which could damage the screen/protector.

See the video review here


artoildigitalpaletteI'm always looking to blend the beautiful aesthetic of traditional media while hybridizing the process of digital painting.

My latest investigations have been very productive. I have worked with fellow artists to obtain real world oil paint samples, then after importing and color correcting these samples I have developed a baseline for the actual colors to be used in my digital paintings.

The colors in the digital workflow are generally too saturated in comparison with real paint. Including knowledge of color theory and dynamics, my new Authentic Digital Colors will yield more painterly and acceptable results.


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